The Hone Collective | Letter From the Editor
Hone Collective is an independent magazine based out of San Francisco, CA. We serve to collaborate and create a space for doers, thinkers and creatives to share their narratives in the lifelong process of becoming and honing their craft. Our aim is to document the journey and the effort made in actualizing one’s dreams.
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Letter From the Editor

12FTDwende Retrospect

By. Aileen Pagdanganan

About two months ago, before we launched the HONE Collective, Jon, Nick, and I met up at one of our local Chinese food spots in the neighborhood. Nick just moved to San Francisco that week, and finally, we were all in one city. For once, we didn’t have to meet through Skype or dialogue through grouptexts, we were all there in the flesh, in the Inner Richmond, eating some spicy Ma Po tofu scheming for our next project.


We all hadn’t been together like this since our 12FTDwende days circa 2008.

“8 years ago, the three of us worked on a project called 12FTDwende. Conceived as a clothing brand, the 12FT brand evolved into an online lifestyle magazine in which I was the editor-in-chief, Aileen served as the assistant editor, and Nick in charge of art direction. Armed with an uber-talented staff of writers and like-minded thinkers, 12FT became a brand the region could identify with and be proud of. The 12FT logo was a familiar presence throughout Northern California and 12FT events were always packed and full of folks connecting in the real world.” – Jon

But over time, we realized 12FT curated a much different voice and a larger purpose, and so we ran with it. Our ambition paralleled with our energy and we began making larger moves as a collective. Soon, what started as a clothing brand altered into a full-fledged “online magazine” that I don’t think any of us imagined would happen so quickly.


12FT covered both independent and established music, art, and fashion with an in-depth lens. We served as a personal blog, travel log, food review blog, and even served as reflective pieces for our writers before Thought Catalog was ever created. We were moving with a swift pace that expanded into different networks, which allowed us to host parties to network and meet our readers. This solidified our presence in the city and gave the magazine a chance to connect with our community and friends who supported us. Those were the Poleng, Sudachi’s, and 111 Minna days—evident of our time and space at that moment.


We were doing the most. And having hella fun with it.

“Then the next thing you know we’re doing interviews with the Foreign Exchange, Little Dragon, haha. That’s in a nutshell how it started. It was really just trial and error. I wanted to do a clothing brand with a blog on the side. Then the blog became the powerhouse for 12FT.” – Nick

My last memory of the online magazine was our “12FT Interview Week” featuring Lanie Alabanza of HLZBLZ, Talib Kweli/Hi Tek, Estevan Oriol, Rik Cordero, DJ Neil Armstrong, Theophilus London, and Mayer Hawthorne. Each of our former writers: Leia, Dave, D. Scott, Lauren, Richard, Jon and I collectively published our best week of articles yet.


“We were pulling in over 200,000 hits a month. 2009 was 1.5 million hits for us with maybe 100,000 unique visitors, which is pretty good for a blog.” –Nick


We peaked two years after our conception into the Internet when the social media world was peaking as well. It was definitely a high point, and evidence of our beaming potential. But as exciting as this time was, we were growing into an entity that was larger than we could keep up with at the time.


“…Like most Internet endeavors, especially those done out of a labor of love, 12FT arrived with a bang before echoing off into online obscurity.”—Jon


12FT was always transforming, evolving, and molding into what we wanted, what our readers connected to, and utmost, what became of us. We tried everything to keep 12FT moving (even had Jimmy the Intern) to keep us going, but essentially life caught up and we were caught in-between this transition of being a lifestyle blog, online magazine, and a clothing line. Our identity as 12FTDwende became more complex than anticipated and we were in a realm that became too overwhelming to continue pursuing. Eventually, we fizzled out in 2010 and let 12FTDwende rest.


When we left the magazine in 2010, some of our writers moved in and out of the Bay Area to focus on their own projects and pursue their own endeavors. For Nick, Jon, and I—we kept in touch, hustled on our own, but somehow always had the magazine in the back of our minds. This is where Hone Collective stems from—a rebirth of 12FTDwende’s humble beginnings with a vision to continue what was started 8 years ago.

“Born of the same curiosity and creative spirit, but older, wiser, and with a little better taste. In 2016, there’s no shortage of content available on the Internet, but with Hone we’re trying to reach those people that care about quality writing.” – Jon

HONE Collective is created with the clear purpose of documenting the journey for doers, thinkers, and creatives to share their narratives in this process of honing their dreams. Like our journey with 12FT, we aim to write stories that define that progress as the creator. We hope this magazine gives you what it has given us thus far—a platform to discover, process, and work through our passions as students of our crafts. HONE is definitely a labor of love, a seasoned breed of sweat and tears, and a new perspective on what we were and who we’re becoming.


Happy New Year to our readers and to our friends/family who have continuously supported us since Day 1. We hope you all enjoy this new adventure with us.